I am painting acrylic, watercolour and eggtempera on canvas and paper. I am painting moods. I am painting what I can´t say with words

The paintingprocess is to me time for peace and absorption  - an introvert proces where I prefer to be alone and undissturbed.

I find my inspiration in the surrounding world. In the colours and the shapes. The nature, books and the music is affecting me when I am painting, but my moods is also influencing my paintings. I like the blue and the grey tone in the music and colours.

Because my paintings are subjected to a process in stages, they often go through many changes before the work finnaly are finished.

I work with the colours` interrelation and have transparent layers as well as opaque layers in my paintings.

I focus on the compositions of my pictures. It is exiting to work with the balance in my paintings which often are abstract, as this resonates with me the most

Titles  - My work seldom have a title because I would like the wiever to find their own personal interpretation for my painting. Sometimes a title pops up during the paintingprocess and then the work gets the title.  

I hope my paintings will bring you joy and touch you, - not nessesarily be love at firsth sight, -  BUT call out to be seen again. 

Everything is influenced by the eye of the beholder, and there can be many moods and athmospheres hidden in my pictures, all depending on the wiever.